1968 Shelby Taillight Sequential Flashers (Dynamite Sticks)

1968 Shelby Taillight Sequential Flashers (Dynamite Sticks)

Item# SF1B
Flasher units for sequential taillights, often referred to as "dynamite sticks".

These are OEM type reproductions that have plug ends which connect with original T-Bird plug connectors on original cars (or cars using original T-bird buckets).

You can easily cut off the connectors and hardwire them.

Must be spliced into existing taillight harness on non-original Shelbys. Includes illustrated instructions. Set does one car.

Previously listed as part number SF1.

Please note: you will also need to purchase a relay, part number "SF6" in order for the sequencers to operate correctly.

  • 1968-70 Shelby & GT/CS Sequential Flasher (Dynamite Stick) Installation
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