1965-70 Mustang Shelby Koni Shocks Set of 4

1965-70 Mustang Shelby Koni Shocks Set of 4

Item# SHOK3
These Classic shocks from Koni are designed specifically for classic Mustang's and Shelby's. They were original factory equipment on some models of Shelby and make an excellent upgrade for Mustang's & Shelby's for either street or track use. These shocks improve the handling, safety, and road holding of your ride, while providing a classic look.

Fully adjustable oil filled shocks.

Fits 1965-70 Mustang / Shelby, complete set of 4 for front and rear.

PLEASE NOTE: To be technically correct for vintage Shelby's & Mustang's these shocks will have to be repainted orange. They are manufactured and painted red by Koni. Also, the decals will have to be replaced with the correct Koni Decal they are available from us as Item# DZ1124.

  • How to Fit and Adjust Koni Shock Absorbers

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